Useful Measurements

How high, how long, how many...

Round Dining Tables - 168cm

A maximum of 15 x Round Dining Tables can be placed inside The East Barn (this number includes 4 tables on the dance floor.)

The round dining tables seat a maximum of 10 per table and they are 5 ½ ft / 168 cm in diameter.

Cake Table - 92cm

We provide a cake table for your wedding cake which is 3ft / 92cm in diameter.

We can also provide a silver plated cake stand, either:

  • Round - 15" / 38cm diameter
  • Square - 15" / 38cm square

Wedding Breakfast Setup Sheet
Caterpillar Setup

Top Table Options

You can have either a straight or a round Top Table, it's entirely up to you.

  • Straight Top Table for up to 6 people - 12ft / 366cm
  • Straight Top Table for up to 8 people - 16ft / 366cm
  • Straight Top Table for up to 9 people - 18ft / 549cm
  • Sweetheart Top Table for 2 people - 6ft / 183cm
  • Width of all straight top tables is 2½ft / 77cm

There are 3 Hooks above the stable door directly behind the Happy Couple that span 180cm suitable for hanging decorative items.

The Bar

Bar Balcony - 19½ft / 600cm across

Bar Balcony Tables - 3ft / 92cm in diameter


External Bunting Hooks

Misc East Barn Measurements

Chairs  - Height 36" / Depth 17"

Table Plan Mirror - Portrait - 105cm high x 75cm wide

Table Under Mirror - 45cm x 45cm

Dancefloor - 7m x 9m

Distance between the Cellar & Bar doorways 387cm

East Barn Bunting Hooks

The Ceremony Barn

Registrars Table - 4ft / 122cm long by 2½ft / 72cm wide

There are 3 Hooks behind the registrars table spaced evenly across a 185cm span perfect for hanging your decorative items.

Width of the traditional setup aisle 54" / 137cm

Juliet Balcony - 18ft / 550cm across

Height from floor to ceiling under the Juliet Balcony is 230cm

There are 6 windowsills in both barns of varied sizes but all at least 25cm deep. perfect for placing smaller decorative items which can be moved across to the wedding breakfast barn during the drinks reception.

West Barn Bunting Hooks