Viewing The Ashes


Viewing The Ashes Barns Wedding Venue

You would be forgiven for thinking that things go quiet here in January and February. But in fact, we’re delightfully busy, welcoming lots of lovely new couples, all interested in Viewing The Ashes Barns Wedding Venue. Many of them have got engaged over the Christmas period and they are giddy with excitement as they search for their perfect wedding venue.

Researching Wedding Venues

Researching wedding venues on the internet is usually the first stop for most couples. But what do you do when a whole host of venues suddenly pop up from your search engine results? You face the daunting task of ploughing through a long list of wedding venues.

This can be exhausting and somewhat overwhelming. So to help narrow your options, first of all decide what type of couple you are and what kind of wedding day you’d like. You can usually discount a lot of venues straight away because they are not really "you".

Trust Your Instincts

Rather than planning to visit all the venues you find online, I'd advise you to go with your gut feeling and narrow the list down. Otherwise you’ll end up with a list of venues as long as your arm. Also, try not to cram loads of viewings in to one day!

You will feel tired from driving and exhausted from all the information that you've been given at each venue by enthusiastic wedding planners.

There is sometimes so much to take in that you can feel fazed by the whole thing and that initial feeling of pure excitement can soon fade. For it to be replaced with a feeling of confusion and possibly mild panic! That’s not how it should be!

Viewing The Ashes

When viewing The Ashes Barns Wedding Venue we try not to bamboozle you with too much information. Instead we start our viewings with a tour of the outside areas, so that you can see the staggering views which will inspire your wedding photographer.

We then show you around the various aspects of the beautiful barns and courtyards. We explain what happens where, before asking you to take a seat to discuss your plans.

Your Wedding Plans

Although our Wedding Specialists are all incredibly experienced when it comes to wedding planning, we still get excited to hear your ideas and love it when we hear something new! (and we've heard some of the most outrageous plans!)

After some discussion regarding drinks, daytime menus and evening food options, we give you an information pack to take away. This is because we know that your head may be swimming with ideas and it's easy to forget what we've been chatting about!

Booking a Date

If it’s 'love at first sight' and you love everything you’ve heard you are welcome to provisionally book a date. We will reserve your date for 7 days with no obligation for you.

This gives you chance to ring the registrar to check their availability and maybe visit us again with a couple of family members. Giving you an opportunity to get a second opinion, before going ahead with a booking.

Award Winning Venue

As a former winner of The Best Wedding Venue at The National Wedding Industry Awards. There is no "hard sell" from us because Viewing The Ashes Barns Wedding Venue speaks for itself - you would have to be very hard-hearted not to be seduced by the grace, age and beauty of this historic family home with its contemporary ambience.

Viewings are by appointment only, please contact us to book your personal viewing of this fabulous wedding venue.