The First Dance – A Groom’s Guide


the First Dance - A Groom's Guide

The First Dance can be a nerve-wracking affair! So we asked Will and Matt from Sound Solutions Entertainment for a groom's guide. These fantastic Staffordshire based wedding DJ's are proud members of our Dream Team suppliers list. Here are their top tips on the do's and don'ts of your big moment!

The First Dance

The very words may fill you with dread but they shouldn’t, This is your opportunity to get your party started! If you envisage a high energy evening reception with all your guests up and dancing, having a great time on a packed dance floor then it’s worth planning your moment properly.

There are essentially two types of First Dance; the romantic slow dance, an expression of your love for your beautiful new wife (which is most definitely allowed on your wedding day!) or the wild abandon, ‘this is my party and I’m going to enjoy it’ dance.


The Slow Dance

My top-tip for the romantic slow dance is to have at least a couple of moves practised so that there is a bit of variation from swaying romantically whilst gazing into each other’s eyes.

No one expects you to perform like you’re on 'Strictly' but you should try to twirl your beautiful bride around a couple of times and really make use of the space on the dance floor.  You could win serious brownie points on the run up to the wedding if it’s you that suggests having a few dance lessons beforehand.

Get Down

If dancing with wild abandon and letting your fun side shine out is more your style, then pick a song you both love and just go for it!

All the guests watching love you, they’ve all had a few drinks by then and they will salute you and perhaps more importantly, join you, if you just relax and have a good time out on that dance floor.

Get the Party Started!

Once you’ve got the party started, it’s always a good idea to stay on the dance floor for a least another couple of songs just to encourage your guests to get up and dance.

It’s your Wedding Day, your guests will look to you to set the mood and if they see you having a ball on the dance floor and really getting your groove on then trust me, they’ll all join in!

The Music

It’s always a good idea to have briefed us before your wedding, on the kind of music you like and want to be played but don’t worry too much about providing extensive playlists because it’s our job to orchestrate the energy in the room through music.  That’s what you pay us for; we’re there to engage, react, push and excite your guests out on the dance floor.

It’s great when we’ve got a heads-up on your music preferences but it’s also part of our skill-set to work the room for you, to be spontaneous, to pull a track out at just the right time so everyone goes wild!

Call us anytime to chat about your individual requirements; we look forward to seeing you out on that dance floor!

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