No Corkage Option

Supply Your Own

The Ashes is a no corkage wedding venue, we give you the option to supply your own daytime drinks and we do not apply a corkage charge.

How it Works

Around 3 months prior to your wedding date, you’ll meet up with your Ashes Events Manager to discuss all the finer points of your wedding plans.

At that meeting we’ll ask what daytime drinks you’re supplying so that we ensure we have the correct glassware on your wedding day. We’ll also arrange for you to deliver your drinks at 9am the day before the wedding.

We would expect you to opt for classics such as a bit of ‘Bubbly’, Bottled Beers and Long Drinks such as Pimms for your drinks reception and wine throughout your wedding breakfast.

If you have an idea for drinks outside these categories, please discuss it with us at the earliest opportunity.

What to Serve and When

As The Ashes is a no corkage wedding venue you can choose what you’d like to serve your guests, you can make it personal and choose drinks to perfectly complement your wedding food. Your daytime drinks are served throughout two distinct periods of your wedding day; the drinks reception and your wedding breakfast.

Your Drinks Reception

The Drinks Reception takes place straight after the ceremony and typically lasts around an hour and a half. Guests mingle and enjoy a drink in the beautiful surroundings while photographs are taken. Champagne is the classic choice for this period, served alongside bottled beers perhaps.

Should you opt to serve Pimms, our catering staff will prepare the chopped fruit and mint to ensure the perfect, long, summer drink. Equally they can warm through a heady jug of mulled wine or Winter Pimms for those frosted winter weddings.

Your Wedding Breakfast

Your supplied wine is served throughout the Wedding Breakfast; your guests can help themselves to your choice of white, rose or red wine to best complement their meal.

The catering staff will also set out any bottles of still and sparkling water you may have supplied and pour your toast drink at the appropriate moment prior to speeches.

The Bar

Our friendly and efficient serving staff will ensure a steady flow of wine to your guests’ tables throughout the meal, after which service of your drinks ceases, The Ashes Bar opens and any unopened drinks are stored away for collection at 9am the day after your wedding.

Should you have any queries about our no corkage wedding venue policy, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For your convenience, our bar will only be accepting contactless card payments. Cash will not be accepted.