What’s New at The Ashes?



We’re always looking for ways to improve your experience at The Ashes and as it’s our family home, we have plenty of opportunities to see how different wedding parties and photographers make use of the venue, which inspires us to make improvements.

New Photography Hotspot

Wander out onto the formal front lawn, towards The Pond and you’ll notice a new feature; a set of stone steps leading up to the water’s edge with a paved landing area at the top.

We had an inkling that this would be a fantastic spot or some intimate Bride and Groom photographs and we’ve not been disappointed. Your wedding photographer can now walk to the far side of The Pond and capture an entirely new aspect of The Ashes, we’re loving the results.

New Garden Feature

We’ve also increased the hard-standing area just in front of The Ashes Country House which has proved very popular with wedding guests wearing high heels on damp days, as they can enjoy all the ambience of the front lawn during the drinks reception without worrying about sinking into it!

You might not notice this change as our skilled team were able to use old stone previously recovered from the site, so it looks like it’s always been there.

New Planning Suite

Around 3 months before your wedding day, you’ll be invited to a Planning Meeting with your Event Manager where you’ll discuss all the details of your wedding day. Positioned at the edge of our

estate with its own private access, our new Planning Suite allows us to meet with you even when there is a wedding at The Ashes, without compromising our exclusive-use promise.

Nature Watch at The Ashes

Nature in all her glory never stands still and The Ashes revels in the changing seasons.

Throughout the summer months we’ve seen wedding photographers make use of the golden corn fields as a stunning backdrop; we’ve seen couples dazzle in the rain and we’ve witnessed skies so blue they seemed to go on forever.

The Lake continues to attract a myriad of wildfowl and we’re delighted that we have two breeding pairs of Oyster Catchers who have made it their home.

Our Highland Cows, Blondie and Ginger together with Ginger’s calf Ashley remain a big hit with the kids and wedding photographers alike; they are beauties!

We can’t wait for you to join us here at The Ashes for your wedding and we hope you enjoy discovering our improvements for

Thanks to One Little Daisy for the photographs.