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Wedding Speeches at The Ashes Barn


Wedding speeches at the Ashes Barn

Your Final Planning Meeting at The Ashes Barn Wedding Venue presents the Events Managers the opportunity for us to get a real feel for you as individuals. We get just as excited as you about your Wedding Day and it's great to have the chance to discuss your plans in detail. Wedding Specialist Jayne tells us how the topic of Wedding Speeches at The Ashes is covered.


During our meeting we will ask; "Would you like to have your Wedding Speeches at The Ashes before your Wedding Breakfast or afterwards"?

The response is usually something like this, either "Definitely before - our Best Man is so nervous he won't be able to eat until he has got his speech out of the way!" or, "Afterwards - a few drinks with the meal will help calm my Dad's nerves before standing up!"

Why does it matter?

It might seem like an insignificant question, but the answer has a significant impact on the smooth running-order of the day.

Why? What would happen if the speeches were scheduled to begin ahead of the meal, but the toast drinks hadn't already been poured? - embarrassingly nothing to raise in your glass! Or, what would happen if the Champagne was poured already but your speeches were scheduled after the meal? - very flat fizz!

What about the drinks?

Whether the drinks have been supplied by the you, taking advantage of the fact that we are a no corkage wedding venue (enabling you to scour the supermarkets for bargains) or ordered through our extensive list of discounted drinks in the Ashes Cellar, you can be sure that our Award Winning Catering Partners Jenkinsons, will serve them at the correct temperature and at the correct time!

No Corkage Drinks Drinks Packages

How long?

So, if you have chosen a Best Man to take part in your Wedding Speeches at The Ashes, who is going to do his upmost to hang on to that microphone (long speech!). Or one who is a little more timid, with only a few brief words to say (short speech!).

It's always good for us to be able to communicate this to your Catering Manager on the day allowing them to be prepared to go at a moment’s notice!