Meet The Team




Ben Reeves

Owner, Visionary and Highland Cow Fancier

Ben never stops thinking about ways to enhance and improve The Ashes Barns and strives to ensure that every couple enjoys every moment of their wedding experience. His passion, enthusiasm and boundless energy are as apparent today as they were on each day of the painstaking restoration of The Ashes, where it was transformed from a derelict farm into one of the UK’s most beautiful wedding venues.

Married to Sarah, with four beautiful daughters, you’d have thought he had enough ladies in his life but his two Highland Cows hold a special place in his heart.



Sarah Reeves

Owner, Creative Force and Super Mum!

Taken at The Wedding Industry Awards I think this photo sums up just how proud Sarah is of what’s been accomplished at The Ashes Barns and rightly so; she’s a hard working mum of four who plays an essential role in the day to day running of the venue and often inspires Ben with creative ideas and ambitious plans for both the venue and their home.

Charming and knowledgeable, Sarah’s vivacious nature and genuine interest in all things ‘wedding’ ensure that she is an absolute pleasure to engage with, both for her team and our couples.



The Reeves Girls

Ben and Sarah have been blessed with four wonderful girls; Ella Mae is the eldest, she’s very caring towards her younger siblings and is currently learning to play the violin; Lottie and Susie might look identical but have very different characters whilst Phoebe the youngest is also undoubtedly the wildest!

With four girls to marry off, I think the family business will come in handy!



Jon Collier

Operations & Events Director

Exuberant and joyously enthusiastic about everything he tackles, his incredible eye for detail has been honed throughout his distinguished career in catering and events and is now put to good use making sure that all those little personal touches you’ve spent hours on, are perfect on your wedding day.

A master at getting the best out of his team, he’s not afraid to muck in when necessary and is one of the few men I know who can operate a washing machine!




Events Manager – Poised and Unflappable

The enjoyment she gets out of every aspect of her job from showing couples around for a viewing, to setting up for their big day, right through to waving them off at the end of an emotional and memorable day, is always apparent. Particularly good at calming a room full of apprehensive bridesmaids; she’s a real asset to the team.

Most memorable favour? – “Antique hardback books especially chosen for each individual, tied with twine and thought about with love.”




Events Manager – A wealth of wedding knowledge at her fingertips!

Having worked as an Events Manager at The Ashes for over five years, she tied the knot herself at this beautiful venue in December 2012. Still reeling from the sheer joy of it all, nobody knows better than Vikki, that no matter how many weddings you’ve been to, it’s completely different when it’s your own!

A delight to deal with, you can count on Vikki to give great advice on everything from your wedding day timings to which flavour buttercream makes the best cupcake topping!




Events Manager – Thoughtful and Compassionate

Resolute in her determination to get every detail right for you on your big day, Dawn approaches every task with thoughtful consideration. She’s calm, efficient and loves that being a wedding Events Manager gives her an outlet for both the creative and super-organised sides to her personality.

It’s never ‘just a job’ with Dawn who will always do her best for you on every occasion.




Events Manager – Energetic and Engaging

Our youngest and most energetic Events Manager, Stephanie exudes enthusiasm and loves every aspect of the job, taking genuine delight from helping our lovely couples plan the wedding day of their dreams.

Stephanie joined the Events Team here at The Ashes in 2013 but has been here regularly since we opened in 2008 working with one of our recommended florists.



Sarah B

Events Manager – Quick witted with a sunny disposition

Sarah B (not to be confused with Sarah Reeves) is totally committed to getting everything perfect for our couples on their big day but she’ll never lose sight of the fact that a wedding is a happy day, full of joyful laughter and she’s great at making sure everyone remembers to relax and enjoy it.

Brimming with enthusiasm, Sarah exudes a calm confidence that comes with many years’ experience working as an events manager; having very recently tied the knot herself, she knows all about the pre-wedding euphoria and excitement of planning your big day.

Event Manager at-The-Ashes



Events Manager – An undeniably natural ‘people person’.

Lisa enjoys every aspect of working at this extraordinary wedding venue where she gets to interact with people who are in love on a daily basis! “There’s nothing quite like it, the heady excitement, the infectious laughter; to be able to have some small role to play during that fantastically wonderful point in someone’s life is very rewarding.”

An experienced Events Manager, Lisa always has a smile on her face and is ready to go the extra mile for you.




Events Manager – Cool, calm and collected.

Katie has over eight years experience as an events manager and it shows, she’s the consummate professional, charming and confident.

Her fun-loving personality will put you at ease from the first moment you meet her. She’s ridiculously organised and takes any wedding day surprises in her stride so you don’t have to worry about a thing.




Events Manager – Vivacious and Engaging.

Francesca is a delight, upbeat and always ready with a smile, she’s a consummate wedding professional. She has loads of ideas for our couples and offers some great advice and tips on how to make the most of The Ashes’ stunning features without spending a fortune.

Besides weddings Francesca loves to travel and has a shoe collection that Imelda Marcos would envy!



Dave and The Estates Team

Maintenance, Restoration and Tender Loving Care!

If it needs a minor repair, a complete rebuild or a bespoke fitting, Dave and his Estates Team are on hand with a solution. Dave and his team take great care to ensure that The Ashes looks its best all year round. Their hand-crafted approach compliments the rustic nature of the barns whilst maintaining our modern standards for beauty, cleanliness and functionality.




Housekeeper – Ensuring The Ashes is perfect for you!

It is an absolute credit to Jackie and The Restoration Team that there is never any evidence of a prior function when you arrive at The Ashes on your wedding day. Dedicated professionals – they work tirelessly and with care, starting at some exceedingly antisocial hour of the morning, to ensure that The Ashes is perfect for you and your guests.

You can look forward to meeting Jackie when she checks in all your wedding day items the day before your wedding; she’ll ensure they are kept safe overnight and that all your personal touches are placed ‘just so’ for you.



Groundsman and Pied Piper

With fifty acres to maintain, Brian’s work is never done. He plants in spring, mows in summer, tends in autumn and is often called upon to get the snow plough out in winter. But wherever he is within The Grounds you can be sure Honey and Maisie are right by his side, faithfully following him around, hence his nickname, The Pied Piper.

He also has the unenviable task of herding Ben’s ‘pet’ Highland Cows into the cattle crush for their annual check-up, weighing in at half a tonne each with massive pointed horns on their heads, he can keep that job!


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